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We only invest in real estate, bringing a unique focus and depth of expertise to the sector.


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Connecting capital to opportunity

TBD Corporation is a real estate investment platform that gives investors direct access to quality investment opportunities and real estate operators the ability to raise capital. From the partnerships we develop with real estate sponsors to the service we deliver to our investors, our mission is to connect capital to opportunity. We see potential in delivering value and efficiency to real estate investors and operators through our expertise, technology and data.

Unlocking the growth potential of the commerical middle market

The commercial middle market is overflowing with investment opportunities that often go unrealized due to capital constraints. Our goal is to provide real estate operators with a strong track record the capital they need to improve properties for higher, better use. This may create opportunities for investors, who have objectives of increased net operating income and property value appreciation.

in the Future

TBD Corporation is a real estate development company and Registered Investment Adviser with its headquarters in Hà Nội.
We only invest in real estate, bringing a unique focus and depth of expertise to the sector.

At TBD Corporation, clients always come first. We understand our clients' requirements, and design investment strategies and devise asset allocations to meet their objectives. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and are driven to deliver competitive performance while building long-term relationships.

We employ a fundamental value approach to investing by targeting select product types and geographic regions, with an emphasis on opportunities in major coastal markets in Việt Nam. Our opportunistic and growth and income programs employ a consistent investment approach across distinct return profiles.

We focus on acquiring assets with intrinsic long-term value, at attractive prices relative to replacement cost and stabilized cash flows, and with particular emphasis on value creation opportunities and complex situations.

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